30 Years as a Missionary Architect

Helps Ministries is proudly celebrating the longterm service of one of its missionary couples, Dale and Susan Slusser. Dale completed thirty years of service on May 15th, 2017 – and he and Susan aren’t finished yet!

Dale’s fingerprints are all over the world. For the last 30 years, God has been working through him to touch the lives of thousands of people he’s never even met!

Dale Slusser first volunteered on a Helps Ministries construction project in 1985 and 1986. He joined Helps Ministries as a full-time missionary in May of 1987, serving as an architectural designer/draftsman in the Architectural Planning and Design ministry. Although he now also serves as Coordinator of the Architectural Planning and Design ministry, he has primarily and consistently served as an architectural designer/draftsman for these thirty years.

Dale and Susan were married in 1997, whereupon Susan also joined Helps Ministries. She served in the home office, as an administrative assistant, for a number of years.

On May 16th, the Staff and Board of Directors of Helps Ministries hosted an Open House in Asheville, NC to celebrate Dale and Susan and their years of service with Helps Ministries. A few local supporters, friends, and former Helps members, as well as current staff and Board members attended the celebration. For the occasion, Dale prepared a display of sample projects from his 30 years. There were 33 projects displayed, but Dale estimates that they represented only a small fraction of the number of projects he has personally worked on at Helps.

Some photos from Dale’s celebration:

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