Upcoming Trips to Uganda

Our friends at Bless A Child Uganda are excited to share about two upcoming trips to Uganda! You’re invited to join us on a trip which will encourage and bless the children and staff of BACU, and most likely be life-changing for you as well. We are praying God will move many hearts to say yes to going – just as He has already for the sponsorship of now 48 children!

If you are interested in participating, there will be an opportunity to set up a trip fundraising page through Helps Ministries to accept donations on your behalf. The dates of the future trips and registration deadlines are below:

Trip #1: January 17–31, 2018

Sandy Holtrop and Sally Dykstra will be leading this trip. There will be an opportunity to help with the annual Bless A Child Christmas Party in the village. The children will be on holiday so we will be able to visit some of them and their caregivers in their villages. We will also be able to see and tour one or two schools depending on availability while the children are on holiday. We will go to Pastor Fred’s church, Jesus The Way, on Sunday. One of our goals for the trip will be to encourage the sponsored children in their studies and their walk with the Lord. We will also be able to support the Uganda Team by listening, praying and helping where we can.

*Need confirmation and also be ready to book tickets by July 15, 2017.

Trip #2: July 18–August 1, 2018

Sandy Holtrop, Sally Dykstra, and Michelle Fisher will be leading this trip.The children are in school during this time. We will have the opportunity to visit them in their schools, encourage them and pray for them. We will also do home visits for some of the sponsored children, encourage and pray for their caregivers. We are currently discussing other potential opportunities to serve with Pastor Fred and Ruth… more details to come!

*Need confirmation and also be ready to book tickets by January 15, 2018.


$1,500 ground cost (covers hotel, travel, visa, food), plus cost of airfare. Approximate Total Cost: $3,500. Important Note: If you know you are going on one of the trips before the confirmation date and are able to book your airfare sooner, you may save money on the cost of airfare.

Questions? Ready to join?

Email us with any questions, and we’ll get you in touch with the BACU team!

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