Unlike traditional sending agencies that recruit missionaries to fulfill their existing mission, vision, and values, Helps Ministries is a “supporting agency” that exists to maximize mission impact of other ministries and missionaries. As a supporting agency, we actively partner with others by providing operational, administrative, and technical support services.

We typically partner with ministries in one of three ways:

  1. Missionary Partnership Program

    This track exists to empower autonomous field missionaries with an entrepreneurial vision to meet specific ministry needs in their field of service.

  2. Secondment

    This track exists for missionaries with a specific vocational skill or talent who are seeking to serve other existing ministries with their specific skill set.

  3. Ministry Affiliates

    This track exists to serve as an incubator program for existing ministries as they endeavor to acquire their own 501(c)3 tax status while serving other ministries with operational, administrative, and technical support services.

Next Steps:

If any of these tracks sounds like a match for your current ministry, or interests you as a potential next step, please feel free to fill out our inquiry form and someone will get back to you with the next steps for application and potential partnership.