Our Sponsorship Program team serves as a guide and liaison to help facilitate child sponsorships and campaign funding programs for Christian ministries, orphanages, and schools overseas. We assist donors and sponsors with their means of support, tax-deductible statements, program materials and communication, and more.

Sponsorship services typically include:

  • Program Administration
  • Database Creation & Management
  • Marketing Materials & Web Design
  • Donation Processing & Tracking
  • Overseas Funds Transfers
  • Sponsor/Donor Communications
  • Contacts & Network Support

Our current sponsorship programs:

Yezelalem Minch (Ethiopia) — A comprehensive, community-based program reaching 1,500 orphaned and vulnerable children in Addis Ababa and the Oromia region of Ethiopia.

Orachaga Graduates (Southern Ethiopia) — A scholarship program to enable students from the Mursi tribe in southern Ethiopia to receive a quality education after the 4th grade.

Train Up The Children (North India) — Elementary schools reaching children, who are living in some of the poorest slum communities of North India, with the message of Christ.

Bless A Child (Uganda) — Providing educational scholarships, school supplies, and community empowerment to orphaned children in the community of Obule, Uganda.