Whether the need is long-term visioning, short-term assistance with crisis management, or ongoing restructuring of staff positions, Helps Ministries’ staff will create a trusted, caring, and confidential relationship to help spur agencies to make the changes they need to thrive. Helps Ministries also has expertise in facilitating and compiling strategic plans, management consulting, Board development, and organizational development to ensure a sustainable path of growth.

We can provide program development services to increase the capacity of an area not reaching its full potential. Through a series of exercises, our experts will provide a fresh outlook on strengthening the financial, operational or programmatic aspects of a function or set of functions critical to the agency’s mission. Helps’ provides a comprehensive model of services and therefore any work with individual program will also foster sustained growth for the agency as a whole.

To help fund an agency’s growth, Helps Ministries will help demystify the fundraising and grant writing processes. Through a better understanding of all the opportunities that exist, Helps will provide easy to follow steps to create a more diversified and sustainable resource plan. If needed, our staff can also provide more direct staffing support.

Next Steps:

As each ministry is different, we suggest a free 30 minute consultation to better understand how we may be of help. If you have questions or are interested in setting up an appointment, please contact us.