Orachaga school is the first school among the Mursi, a tribe living in the far southwestern region of Ethiopia. Meaning “new, fresh home,” the school was named by the Mursi elders to say, “A new, fresh home has come to us.” Orachaga school facilitates grades 1-4 for Mursi students of all ages, and is run by the SIM (Serving in Mission) project in Makki. SIM staff and missionaries also run a medical clinic and assist Mursi Christian elders with the local church.

After the fourth grade, continuing students (who range in age from early teens to late 30s) have been attending a boarding school a full day’s drive from where the Mursi live. Many of these students are exceptionally bright, and could benefit from a much higher-quality education than this school can provide. Others simply desire a quality education in a safer environment where they can thrive.

Sponsorship Program

Your sponsorship of a Mursi student will allow him or her to attend a high-quality, college-preparatory Christian school that will help prepare these students to be capable advocates for their families and the Mursi people as a whole. You may also communicate with your sponsored student by mail, which will give him or her an opportunity to practice English conversational writing skills.

Click here to learn more about sponsoring an Orachaga Graduate.

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