Newsletter Printing

Full Color
Vibrant color laser printing on letter or legal size, 28# white or 20# ivory/canary paper
per printed page
Black & White
Crisp laser printing on letter or legal size, 28# white or 20# ivory/canary paper
per printed page


You provide a PDF file you have formatted yourself, and we’ll print it exactly as it is.
Standard Layout
Choose from one of our standard layouts, and we’ll format your letter to make the content you provide look great. (Does not allow for formatting changes/revisions.)
Custom Formatting
We’ll work with you to create a customized layout that can be used on your subsequent letters at the “existing template” cost (below).
Re-use Existing Template
If we’ve already created a standard or custom template for your letters, we’ll format your new content to make your letter look “like it usually does.”

Reply Envelopes

Custom #9 Reply Envelopes
Pre-printed with your specified return mailing address.
per envelope

Mailing List Setup & Maintenance

Import / Set up new mailing list
one-time fee
Update list to incorporate changes from USPS
Automatically updates your recipient list before each mailing to include any registered Changes of Address, Deceased Notifications, Zip+4 formatting, etc.
per mailing
Recipient Additions/Deletions
Adding or deleting individual recipients as needed.

Other Costs

We provide the envelopes. Your letters are folded, stuffed, addressed, sealed, stamped, and delivered to the post office.
per copy
Extra Inserts
Have prayer cards? Remittance Envelopes? A multi-page newsletter? Our machine can insert up to three extra items with your letter.
per insert/copy
Custom Inserts
aka “hand-stuffing” – for extra or non-machinable inserts
per insert/copy
Hand Stamping
When your first-class mailing requires that extra touch.
per copy


First Class Domestic / First Class Foreign / Bulk Mail
Postage costs are passed along with absolutely no markup. We can mail your letters as economically as possible, using the best combination of bulk and first-class rates.
USPS rates
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