Dan Clark

Program Director, Short-Term Missions & Child Support

Dan Clark will be joining the Helps Ministries home office team in July, 2017. It appears that God has brought Dan to us for such a time as this. Dan and Dorothy have felt called to missions for many years – and even spent a season planning and preparing for service in Brazil back in 2005. As you may know, God’s timing is often not our own. We can recount numerous stories of missionaries waiting and waiting on God before finally being sent to serve!

Dan’s career has a thread of continuity running through it – he has always served others and, in particular, children. It is our hope to put his experience, gifts, calling, and passion to work serving vulnerable and marginalized children all over the world. Helps Ministries currently has child sponsorship programs in India, Ethiopia, and Uganda that provide orphaned and vulnerable children with critical nutrition, education, clothing, housing, and other support. As Program Director of Short-Term Missions and Child Support, Dan will provide leadership and support for these important programs that directly impact and improve the lives of the children our programs serve.

In addition to supporting child sponsorships, Dan will help administer our short-term missions program, which directly sends teams to support, serve, and catch the vision for our various front-line ministry programs around the world – many of which serve children and others of which serve various underserved and unreached people groups.

Dan’s experience and passion match our ministry’s current need – and we trust this strong fit will bless both Dan and his family and the Helps Ministries team, as well. This position is faith-supported, meaning Dan will be responsible for raising his own salary and ministry expenses. You may support Dan’s funding needs effective immediately. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support for Dan and his family!