Watha Kollmeyer

Knickers for New Life

Watha grew up in Oklahoma, and lived in Connecticut, Switzerland, and Michigan before settling in the Asheville, North Carolina area following her husband’s retirement. She is blessed to have been married for 30 years, and is the mother of two adult sons and two rescue dogs. She enjoys traveling with her husband, both domestic (been to 49 states!) and abroad. Watha has been actively involved in global missions since she was 25 years old – a direct impact of the ministry of the late Keith Green. Her passions include fine dark chocolate and wildflowers.

Watha founded Knickers for New Life in partnership with Helps in 2016. KFNL seeks to equip and encourage girls in areas of rural Uganda to pursue their education. Poverty is extreme in these areas, and currently less than 38% of girls finish primary school. A large factor in this statistic is a lack of access to sanitary supplies when they reach puberty. KFNL works with schools to provide basic health education, knickers (underwear), sanitary supplies, hand-washing stations with soap, and separate latrines for girls and boys. Every year a girl stays in school increases her socio-economic opportunities and decreases her chances of teen pregnancy, child marriage, or HIV. With an education, girls will be better equipped to break the cycle of poverty and fully participate in their society.